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How to enable two-step verification on Instagram

How to enable two step verification Instagram

If you have to log in to your account from multiple devices, chances are someone will, eventually, get hold of your login credentials. For Instagram, like all other personal or business accounts, you should enable two-step verification as soon as possible.

Instagram is a work platform for so many professionals, quite lucrative for so many celebrities, fitness models, gurus, and whatnot. But the risk doesn’t have to be financial — even regular users probably don’t want their accounts misused or stolen.

So, without wasting time, let us show you what is two-factor authentication on Instagram and how to enable it with ease.

What is Two-Factor Authentication or 2-step verification?

Setting up two-step verification also known as two-factor authentication on all your accounts is more than advised. It’s the best-suited security measure for general purposes and makes account theft almost impossible.

Unless the hijacker miraculously gets the hold of your phone, you can rest assured that they won’t be able to get into your account. Even if they somehow get access to the associated email account.

Two-step verification (or Two-Factor Authentication as it’s called on Instagram) allows for an extra layer of protection. Instead of relying solely on your username/phone number/email + your account password, it brings Text Message code confirmation or an Authentication app to the equation.

So, every time you try to log in to any device, Instagram will text you a code or an Authentication app will be used to confirm your identity.

What to use out of two? It’s your choice. If you prefer keeping your phone number to yourself, use an Authentication app. If you don’t mind Instagram having your phone number, go for the Text Message option. Or you can do both.

How do I set up two-step verification for Instagram?

Now, setting up Instagram Two-Factor authentication is rather simple. You just need to navigate to Settings and choose what kind of authentication you want to add.

Adding a phone number for the Text Message code authentication is simple. Here’s how to add it to your Instagram account:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Open your profile from the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap on the hamburger menu and open Settings.
  4. Select Security.
  5. Open Two-Factor Authentication.
    two factor authentication instagram
  6. Enable Text Messages.
  7. Provide your number and enter the code you get via Text Message.enable two-step verification instagram
  8. That’s it. Now, every time you want to log in, a confirmation code will be sent to that phone number.
  9. Don’t forget to keep the Recovery codes in case you can’t reach your phone to authorize access to Instagram. Each of them can be used only once. Screenshot them or write them down just in case.

Moreover, if you want to use an Authentication app (we suggest using Microsoft Authenticator), the procedure is not as simple. We suggest using Microsoft Authenticator based on our own experience and positive user feedback on the Play Store.

Follow these instructions to add and configure Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram with Microsoft Authenticator:

  1. Download Microsoft Authenticator from the Play Store.
  2. Just open the app, and tap Add Account.
  3. Choose the Other account option.
  4. When the QR code reader appears, tap OR ENTER CODE MANUALLY.
  5. Add Instagram as the Account name and don’t close the app.
  6. Now, open Instagram.
  7. Select your profile from the bottom right corner.
  8. Expand the hamburger menu and open Settings.
  9. Select Security.
  10. Open Two-Factor Authentication.
    two factor authentication instagram
  11. Enable the Authentication app.
  12. Tap Set Up Manually.
    enable two-step verification instagram
  13. Copy the key and paste it into Microsoft Authenticator under the Secret key (just tap and hold until you see the contextual menu with the Paste option). Then tap Finish in the Microsoft Authenticator, get back to Instagram, and tap Next.
  14. In the Microsoft Authenticator, just tap on the 6-digit code to copy and paste it on Instagram.
  15. That’s it. Two-Factor Authentication is on with Microsoft Authenticator used to provide 6-digit confirmation codes in the future.

Conclusion and how to disable two-step verification on Instagram

With that set, you can rest assured that no one will be able to access your Instagram account except you. Every time you have to log in, you’ll be able to use one or another authentication to confirm your identity.

If you want to remove Two-Factor Authentication, just navigate back to Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication and disable one or both options.

enable two-step verification instagram

Thank you for reading and we hope this was helpful. In addition, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to tell us in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Aleksandar Ognjanovic

Aleksandar Ognjanovic

Managing editor at Digital Uncoded. @lemmingspain My fascination with mobile technology, particularly Android and iOS, began years ago and continues today. I'm captivated by the constant evolution in the smartphone industry and its impact on our daily lives, always anticipating the next big innovation. That’s the main reason why I found myself writing instructive content on the subject for users who are not as familiar with all the bells and whistles.