Samsung A10 common issues and how to solve them


Even though sales were hardly bad, Samsung wasn’t known for exactly amazing lower mid-range and low-end devices until 2019. That’s when they introduced a new Galaxy A series, making Samsung Galaxy A10 one of the most wanted devices for undemanding users out there.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 brings nothing spectacular but its low price point and all elementary features, make for an amazing entry device. Now, if you purchased this device and run into certain issues with it, we made a list of common Samsung Galaxy A10 issues below. Of course, we offered the most applicable solutions, as well.

Table of contents:

  1. Battery draining fast
  2. The device is slow
  3. Notifications not coming through
  4. Netflix black screen
  5. Touchscreen issues
  6. Samsung Pay not working
  7. Can’t install apps from the Play Store
  8. Not receiving calls from certain numbers
  9. Troubleshooting steps for Samsung Galaxy A10

1. Battery draining fast

The 3400 mAh battery should be good enough to take you through the day, considering the A10 has a moderately-sized display (by today’s bigger-is-better standards, at least) and a power-preserving Exynos chipset.

And that seems to be the case for the majority of users, although some are not exactly satisfied with the battery longevity of the Samsung Galaxy A10. It seems that the battery depletes quickly and a mediocre charging speed doesn’t help.

We have a few tips for you regarding extending battery life. Here’s what you can do:

  • Disable background apps.
  • Disable Wi-Fi, Location Services, and Mobile Data overnight.
  • Ensure that the network signal is strong. If the device is constantly searching for network coverage, it will deplete the battery quickly.
  • Disable Auto-brightness and set the brightness manually.

2. The device is slow

Don’t get us wrong, but this is completely expected if you use the 2 GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy A10. The Exynos 7884 combined with 2 GB of RAM is just not enough for certain modern operations one could do today, especially gaming. We are, again, looking at a budget device so it would be unfair to expect miracles for that price point.

On the other hand, the UI is quite well-optimized and animations won’t result in stutters all that often. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing any issues with the slow loading, system UI crashes, etc. — here are a few ways to reduce the load on this budget device:

  • Reboot your device.
  • Try booting into Safe Mode and look for improvements. If the device performs better, continue with the steps.
  • Lower the Animation scale in Developer options from 1 to 0.5.
  • Limit the number of background apps in the Developer options.
  • Update the firmware.
  • Reset the device to factory settings.

3. Notifications not coming through

We already wrote about Gmail Notification issues plaguing a variety of Android devices, especially Samsung’s Note and Galaxy series. This seems to be an issue on the Samsung Galaxy A10 as well, as many users are not getting notifications, especially on the Lock Screen.

Everything seemingly worked just before an update that broke the way notifications are distributed. With that in mind, here are some steps you can take to resolve notification issues on your Samsung Galaxy A10:

  • Disable the Do not disturb mode.
  • Open Settings > Notifications and then tap the Status bar. Toggle ON the “Show notification icons” option.
  • In Settings > Notifications, tap See all under the Recently sent. Enable all notifications for individual apps. Additionally, tap on the app that’s missing notifications and then enable Sound and pop-ups under various categories.
  • Update your device.

4. Netflix black screen

Using streaming services like Netflix while on the move is a standard these days. Netflix for Android is probably the most used streaming service for smartphones, offering offline content that comes in numbers. However, some A10 users are unable to start Netflix on their devices as it results in a black screen.

If you are stuck with this after multiple tries, we encourage you to try and resolve the problem with these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Netflix and clear cache and data from the app. Reboot your phone and give it another go.
  • Install Netflix APK from. Uninstall the current version from your device, navigate to the link and allow installation from unknown sources. Log in with your credentials and check for a10 issues

5. Touchscreen issues

The issues with screen sensibility are not as common, and the ghost touch issues are even less prominent on Samsung devices. However, it seems that this IPS LCD-powered budget handset does have minor issues. Of course, for some users. Others are not affected by it at all.

In case your A10 has any touchscreen issues, we suggest trying the steps we listed below:

  • Remove the screen protector.
  • Reboot your device and run it in Safe Mode.
  • Reset the device to factory settings.

If the problem persists, make sure to take the device for repair as the problem is most definitely hardware-related.

6. Samsung Pay not working

Samsung Pay won’t work on this device, sadly. For the Samsung Pay feature to work, a handset requires NFC (Near Field Communication) which isn’t available on the Samsung Galaxy a10 issues

There’s no alternative for missing hardware in this scenario, so we don’t recommend getting this device in the first place (or replacing it, if possible) if you heavily rely on Samsung Pay.

7. Can’t install apps from the Play Store

One of the noted issues on Samsung Galaxy A10 that some users run into concerns the Play Store. Namely, they were unable to update and/or install apps from the Google Play Store after multiple tries.

There’s a variety of reasons why this might occur, and we wrote in detail about Play Store issues. Check it out and, hopefully, some of the steps we listed will help you address the problem at hand.

8. Not receiving calls from certain numbers

This, among many other distinctive reports, is most certainly an individual problem. If you can’t receive calls from a certain number, we encourage you to check your Blocklist and ensure that the contact is not, indeed, blocked.

Alternatively, make sure that your SIM card is properly placed in the SIM tray. Sometimes, the APN might also be a problem, so make sure to reset your network settings. Learn how to do so at the bottom of this article.

9. Troubleshooting steps for Samsung Galaxy A10

Enable Developer options

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Open About phone.
  3. Then tap on the Build number 7 times until the prompt informs you that the Developer options are unlocked. You might need to enter your PIN or Password.
  4. The Developer options should appear in the main Settings menu.

Reset Network Settings

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Choose General management.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Then select Reset Network Settings.
  5. Confirm the selection.

Boot into Safe Mode

  1. Press and hold the Power button until the Power menu appears.
  2. Tap and hold on to the Power Off icon until you see the Safe Mode prompt.
  3. Tap again to restart your device into Safe Mode.
  4. To exit Safe Mode, just reboot your device again.

Reset the device to factory settings

  1. Back up your data from the internal storage (photos can be saved to Google Photos, and other media can be saved to an external storage or a PC).
  2. Navigate to Settings > General management > Reset.
  3. Select Factory data reset.
  4. Follow the instructions to reset your device to factory values.

That should do it. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to post your questions or report additional Samsung Galaxy A10 issues in the comments section below. Our readers or we might be able to help you resolve them.

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17 thoughts on “Samsung A10 common issues and how to solve them”

  1. My battery power decreases very fast like within 3mins from 78% to 1%. I just replaced the battery but nothing seems to change. I just don’t know what’s the real issue. Please I need some help here. Thanks.

  2. I having issue in hearing the other caller speaks, unless I turn on the speaker, then I will be able to hear the other person. Can you help me out

  3. Cricket’s store where it was purchased said to return to Samsung and they will replace it leaving me without phone and info it contains for interim. Seems I should go to manufacturer with better/longer-lasting product.

    • what did you expect for a $145 phone?
      The average smartphone is $800+ these days if you want sit at the adult’s table.
      This phone is for a pre-teen.

      • hey tech “expert” …. seems your not much of an expert in human, finances, understanding, decency, compassion & more since you dont seem to know how treat to people or dont care since you get to hide behind your lil screen/keyboard… let me school real quick— did you ever stop to think that not everyone that buys phones or smartphones understands ALL the technical details about data, screens resolution, functionality, storage, booting up, resetting etc nor that getting a great deal ($145) on one that looks awesome (a10) & a leading brand like samsung means that its gonna be any less great than an apple 11 or 12 ….. so long story short, because i shouldnt have to say this anyway, if your tasked with being a “tech expert” & helping people up here or you just do it to past the time- you need to understand first how to speak to people with kindness & decency 24/7 & theyre in need & last thing they need is your shitty, downtalking remarks to them for the reasons i mentioned above because every smartphone owner isnt a smartphone expert or connisuer in fact most everyday people dont readily know or understand all the tech specs or network operational info or data breakdown and usage … it could be a 16 year old with their first phone or a 65 year old grandma with first smartphone or a 25 year old with learning disabilities UNDERSTAND FIRST THAT WE ARE ALL HUMAN & SHOULD BE SPOKEN TO WITH DECENCY & 2ND, WE ARE NOT ALL ON THE SAME LEVEL INTELLECTUALLY OR AGEWISE…. what if someonew at a phone store spoke to your MOM OR GRANDMA like that when they just needed help fixing their phone issue…. or if a mechanic spoke to them like that with their car not working right that they had just purchased from someone…. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK/TYPE/GESTURE ETC & JUST BE A COMPASSIONIATE HUMAN 24/7…. BEING ANYTHING ELSE DOESNT HELP THEM, YOU OR THE WORLD TO BE THE PLACE THAT WE ALL NEED IT TO BE.

  4. ok seems like the on off button doesnt work. i tried the holding down the volume keys and the on off switch it wouldnt reboot. i let the battery go to nothing and am now recharging it but it still wont come on any ideas. i bought the phone via amazon it was a gift. only problem is i have all my info on the phone and wont be able to send it back?????


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