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How to use Picture-in-Picture for YouTube on iOS 16?

How to enable and use YouTube Picture-in-Picture on your iPhone and iPad

Picture-in-Picture or PiP is something many iPhone and iPad users got with iOS 14. There are not many apps that can utilize this resizable mini player and one app that can and was long overdue is YouTube, with public tasting lasting for ages. Today, we made sure to explain how to use Picture-in-Picture for YouTube on iOS 16. Check the instructions we provided below.

How to enable and use YouTube Picture-in-Picture on your iPhone and iPad

Google promised that the Picture-in-Picture is coming to all iOS users in 2022 and they delivered after a year and a lot of testing. This feature was in the beta testing phase for a long time and was only available to premium users through Experimental features. The good news is that now both premium and free users can use it. The bad news is that it’s available only for non-paying users in the US and not with music videos. So, this is still a premium feature for most users around the world (just like on Android), but, at the very least, it’s out for Apple’s devices, too.

Here’s how to enable YouTube Picture-in-Picture on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open YouTube.
  2. Tap on your Account photo at the top right corner and open Settings.
  3. Choose General.
  4. Enable Picture-in-picture.Picture-in-Picture YouTube on iOS
  5. Now, open System Settings.
  6. Select General.
  7. Tap Picture in Picture and enable Start PiP Automatically.Picture-in-Picture YouTube on iOS

After that, if you open a YouTube video either in portrait or landscape orientation and swipe up to go Home (or press the Home button), the video will continue in a mini player. The player will always stay on top and you can move it around the screen. You can also pinch in/pinch out to resize it. To close the YouTube mini player, just tap on it once and then tap on the X button at the top left corner.

You can also tap on it and swipe it to the left or right side of the screen. This will minimize the player and you should be able to restore it by tapping on the sidebar arrow. This is a super handy multitasking trick and it’s only available on iOS and iPadOS.

With that said, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.


The majority of video streaming apps support Picture-in-Picture on iOS, including Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. And a plethora of Apple's built-in apps and services including Apple TV, Safari, Podcasts, FaceTime, Music App, and Home.

Aleksandar Ognjanovic

Aleksandar Ognjanovic

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