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How to Manage Text Message Notification in Android P

Android Pie, the 9th iteration of the most used OS in the world, brought a hefty makeover, with all kinds of improvements, both feature-wise and performance-wise. Besides a visible and less visible overhaul, they made sure to improve on an already great notification system and make life a tad easier for all Android users.

The majority of things stayed the same, with some smart enhancements in regards to notification shade content (now it can show images and more content and we expect the universal Smart Reply feature soon). Also, the machine-learning notification system now asks you to block notifications you frequently dismiss without opening them.

But, are the essentials different? Not so much. We’re still looking into a pure Android experience with some worthy improvements. Some users already voiced their love for the direction the Oreo took us, and Pie is building on those fundaments quite successfully.

What about Messages, other Instant Messengers, and their notifications though?

Along with the new OS, Android Messages get an overhaul of their own. Google is heavily pushing the Material Design and we even got the long-awaited Dark Mode. All nice and dandy in that department. The third-party apps are following closely with all kinds of appreciated improvements.

Notifications-wise, the deal stays the same. You can change some general settings in the in-app settings, while the majority of tinkering is still reserved for the in-system settings. The minutiae options at your disposal come in abundance.

Android Pie brings more depth to system Notification settings, as the installed apps are now in chronological order. The apps you recently used will be at the top, where you can meddle with their notifications, including messaging notifications.

How to manage message notifications Android P 3

You can disable and enable notifications with rather ease, just open Settings and navigate to Apps & notifications.How to manage message notifications Android P 1 Once there, expand the Advanced section and choose Notifications and then the individual app you want to tweak.

Be advised that Android Pie will ask to block notifications you’ve dismissed often, so if you do so, the message indication might not work.

With that said, we can conclude this article. Hopefully, you’ve learned something about Android Pie and the way it handles message notifications. Make sure to tell us how you like these changes in the comments section below.

Aleksandar Ognjanovic

Aleksandar Ognjanovic

Managing editor at Digital Uncoded. @lemmingspain